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How can you improve your services without any additional action? Here is my answer. In real life it is much more better when you (and your staff as well) talk to your clients with the right names and titles. . This simple thing significantly increases your trust and confidence in the eyes of your clients.

Let’s see 2 examples:
1. example(how to NOT do it) “Hey, come in.”
2. better way “Hello Mr.Itaky, how are you doing? Please come in with Fluffy. Hey, Fluffy! :)”.

What’s the difference when you use example 1 or 2? Let’s try to imagine your client’s point of view. What do you like? Example with names and titles (the best case is to use both client’s and animal’s names) is more personal, compfortable, and better. Your client feels friendly environment and appreciate your services and care and knows you will take care about his pet. This should be the golden standard in your practice for you and you staff. You have to use it in all fields of communication, verbal, non-verbal, electronic. Relatively “cold” way of communication are SMS and emails but with these useful techniques you can make it more convenient and warm. This was also very important part of our VitalFox service so we advise to turn on personalization for your messages – both SMS and emails in your account, so we will add correct names (your client’s name and pet’s name too) . There is also possibility to use another personalization elements in your messages such as time elements in appointment messages, etc. A lot of owners have more than one animal. With personalized messages owners always know which pet should see a doctor. Just activate personalization in your settings and you are done! Your golden standard in communication goes hand in hand with VitalFox.

Well, and don’t forget – another important ingredient is smile:-). Your clients love it.

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